Ayahuasca - Medicinal Properties ​

Ayahuasca also known as Yagé is a plant from the Amazon jungle that has healing properties and has great uses and health benefits.

The medicinal properties of ayahuasca is recommended for those diseases or ailments that current medical science does not find an answer that humans suffer. It should also be noted that this drink is neither addictive nor toxic, so consuming it will not be inconvenient.

It should be noted that its medicinal use of ayahuasca must be guided by the shaman or mystical guide who knows this medicinal plant, since it has an ancestral order and discipline.

The healing properties of ayahuasca are extensive and offer many benefits in both the physical, mental-emotional and spiritual areas. Likewise, the medicinal properties have been used for thousands of years by the indigenous tribes of Peru in rituals led by the shaman, due to its healing effects to correct the spiritual imbalance that underlies the disease.

In addition, this medicinal drink is an excellent remedy to treat dependencies, whether they are hard or prohibited drugs and also the apparent and harmless legal drugs.

Scientists and doctors are currently studying its therapeutic properties of ayahuasca, which serves psychological problems and depression.

If you still do not know all the medicinal power that this plant has, then we explain its properties and some of the benefits it has for your health. Among these, we can highlight:

Intensive, organic and psychological-spiritual cleaning: Ayahuasca has healing properties, it is recommended in the treatment of arthritis, rheumatism and other pain / It has purging properties which facilitates the elimination of intestinal worms and parasites / It cleanses the colon where many diseases occur, one of them is colon cancer.

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