Ayahuasca Ceremony

Ayahuasca ceremonies open a connection to spirituality and self-healing guided by the icaros of shamans in Peru during a ritual in which it will take you to a state of deep meditation; connecting with yourself feeling, experiencing and at the same time observing you, that way you can become aware of everything that happens in your life. At that moment the change begins ……

Ayahuasca medicine will take you to the deepest part of your spiritual being, opening access and reconnecting with the knowledge and wisdom imprinted on our DNA, with psychic powers that allow you to travel to the past, present and future, since this plant teacher has a spirit, and in the eye of the shaman is a Healer.

Ayahuasca is known and revered by all the Indigenous Tribes of the Amazon as «Master Plant», for its Psychoactive Character, which directly induces Modified States of Consciousness illuminated through its visions (Trance) and constitutes the Primordial Foundation of its Medicine Traditional.

Within Traditional Amazonian Medicine the Human Being is integral: Body, Mind and Spirit, is unique. The Physical Body is the instrument and subject of healing, which must be «Cleaned», purified, cared for, to be able to admit the internal, biographical, transpersonal or existential Psychic contents that will allow the Healing process.

Ayahuasca as a cleanser (cleanser) favors detoxification and the physical and psychic recovery of the body with the elimination of what has been taken in excess, that is to say, what causes us harm (physical substances and / or emotions).

Ayahuasca makes us understand the fundamental principle of our dynamics and interrelation with nature; Plants not only nourish us materially, but also – and, above all – they nourish us spiritually. Ayahuasca awakens in humans, the drive to well-being and the search for health.

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Hi, if you need help do not hesitate
Hi, if you need help do not hesitate