About Us

We are a group of people who during the lived years learned to be in harmony with nature, our ancestors taught us since we were children and since then traditional medicine runs through our veins, we are of the KUKAMA KUKAMIRIA ethnic group and we invite you to Give us the opportunity to guide you and guide you with our acquired knowledge, through the ceremonies you will be able to understand the importance of nature in our environment.

Our Center

Our spiritual center is located 45 minutes outside the city of Iquitos, 30 minutes from the Itaya River, a few years ago this river was well known and explored by renowned Shiringueros, who navigated and lived in these places, our Tambos equipped with bathrooms Private and shower rooms make your stay more comfortable without losing the value of rustic houses that local residents usually use to build their homes. Our Maloca is only used for ceremonies, circles and to share our experiences.

Our spacious dining room for your best comfort during your stay.  


Our mission is to make sure that each person can find their answers with our guide, to teach others that natural medicine has to have a very important value in every life! Through our contribution, help our communities with their development and make our center an Ally for the learning of future teachers.


Raise awareness in humanity that in natural medicine there is the possibility of finding their personal selves, making this medicine reach everyone who needs it.

Our Shamans

Jaurimán García Torres

I am very honored to have received this beautiful legacy from my grandparents since the age of 9 and today I practice it with much respect, I am very grateful because through this medicine I had the opportunity to find my way and now I have to teach those who need it. 

Davis Harold García

I am very grateful to Mother Nature because I was one of the chosen ones to learn and teach about the virtues of beautiful natural medicine.

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Hi, if you need help do not hesitate
Hi, if you need help do not hesitate